It’s the time to get pharmacy management system because it is the future technology of pharmacy management, that make all the pharmacy processes quick and easier.

So we provide for you Pharmacare pharmacy technician that designed to make pharmacy management more easier for you.

pharmacare manage:-

  • Pharmacy Accounting process.
  • Pharmacy drugs Buying and selling.
  • Pharmacy Staff data.
  • Pharmacy drug store adding deleting and modifying, transfer medicines between stores and transfer expired medicines to expired store
  • Pharmacy drugs adding deleting and modifying. medicine departments.  drugs alternatives and managing finished medicines in shortcoming notebook.
  • Pharmacy data & nearby pharmacy data.
  • Pharmacy Clients and Supplier data, Payments and Withdrawals.

  • Invoices, Sales invoices (Cash, Debt), Purchase order invoices, Purchase invoices (Cash, Defer), returning products from sales invoices, returning products from purchase invoices and adding Mortal invoice.
  • Smart Search.
  • Pharmacy reports review and printing.

Pharmacare the pharmacy management systems pioneer.






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